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2016 Fabric of the Month

Hi BTCQ Quilters. 
After a soggy, chilly Halloween we have moved on to a glorious Autumn week that puts me in the mood for color and inspiration!  Time to reveal plans for next year's Fabric of the Month Club!!!
After going over our little surveys and coordinating with our fabulous Program Committee, we have a plan!!!!
I know that some of you will be shopping this weekend before our Autumn retreat and over the winter months, so here is a glimpse into next year's Fabric of the Month Club.  Hurray for early shopping and bargains!
We are once again going to collect fabulous Batiks but with a twist.  Each month's color will match the month.  We will still cut 2 1/2" strips some months, but will also be using other size cuts to coordinate with the fun our Program Committee has planned for us. I think you'll love what is in store for you !!!  Fabric of the Month and MORE!!
So that you can get started collecting your BATIKS for next year, here are the colors we are planning:  1 YARD FOR EACH MONTH
February - Valentine reds and pinks
March -  Shamrock Greens
April - Pastels for Easter
May - Daffodils and crocus
June - Brides white and creams
July -  Patriotic blues
August -  Turquoise or Beach colors 
September -  Red apple for the teacher
October -  Halloween Black and Orange 
November - Autumn leaves
Happy early shopping!!!!  
Have a warm and safe winter and HURRAY for the beginning of another fun Fabric of the Month Club in 2016!  
PS. See you at our November banquet meeting with your 12 - 2 1/2" wide strips of soft, creamy back ground Batiks!
Cathy Arney and Kathy Conant





Oh yes, we took a vote and the majority has spoken. Please disregard the first list of monthly fabrics to bring. We will now be bringing batiks each month so that at the end of this year you will have a generous collection of beautiful batiks to make a special project.  Hurray!!!

February - blue/ green

March - purple

April - dark blue (navy)

May - oranges/pinks

June - yellows/golds

July - brown

August - cream/ivory/tans (soft backgrounds batiks)

September - blacks/grays

October - red

November -  cream/ivory/tans (soft backgrounds batiks) one last time.


But wait!  There's more!!!!  Everyone who participates gets a special handout/pattern.

But wait!  We are still not done!  When you turn in your 12 - 2 1/2" good, quilt shop quality batiks you get your name in a drawing for a door prize. Wow!!!  The evening just keeps getting better!!!  This is a win/win Fabric of The Month Club!!!  Come join the fun!!!


Cathy and Kathy